Springing into Spring – Selling Tips

Mad march hares.jpg

With a fresh batch of properties entering onto the market this spring, it has got me thinking about my own property.  I bought my house around the same time as I qualified as a solicitor two years ago.  My own house is very much a first time buyers dream – and certainly was my dream home as a twenty something!

I decided to purchase a brand new property off plan and this was for many reasons, the main one being the low maintenance aspect.  I am very busy at work and simply do not have the time or the inclination to have lots of work done to my own house.  Buying a brand new home meant I would have a brand new kitchen, bathroom, plumbing and electrics.  It is also well insulated from noise and heat loss, giving me a quiet place to unwind at the end of the day.  I knew all of these hassle free features would help me to sell this property when the time came and I am pleased to say, as I approach the big 3-0, the time is near!

When thinking of marketing my own property, I have been reflecting on the advice I provide to my own clients and what my recommendations are to them on making their properties more marketable.  I am very lucky in that I have had the pleasure of visiting lots of beautiful homes.  What really lifts me and gets me excited when I visit a property is turning up just at that moment when a garden is in full bloom.  I just know that the photos are going to be great and will come across really well in the brochures and on the internet.

This was the feeling which hit me when I first saw the garden at 8 Netherhall Place, Bridge of Dee a stunning, large family home for sale with Williamson and Henry.

BG 5.JPGThis home has quite simply one of the brightest most cheerful gardens I have seen.

You will see in the second photograph that the owners of this home, when they sit in their sun-room, are surrounded by the most vibrant picture frame windows you could as for.


D26941 sunroom

This made me think of marketing my own property.  Here is a picture of my garden which shows how not to present a garden for photos!

Garden 1.JPG

Here are two photos showing the difference a burst of colour from the flowers pots scattered liberally all over the garden cheers the place and makes it far more attractive.


I am not remotely green fingered and I am sure there are far more attractive methods of potting up and planting out there, but it really doesn’t matter.  Anyone thinking of selling should just have go, green fingered or not.  Having photographs bursting with colour included in my sales brochure could be the difference between getting viewers through my door and not.

This has helped me come to the decision that although I might not quite be ready to place my property on the market this summer, this is certainly when I plan to take photographs of my garden in full bloom so that when the time comes I am armed with the best visuals of my garden.  It is true to say buyers by with their eyes.




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