The Flow of the Family Home and Life

Craigendarroch from Williamson and Henry on Vimeo.

There is nothing more important in a house than the way it flows.  You can have the most spectacular setting, with wonderful views, but if you have to walk from the kitchen, with your hands full with roasting hot dishes straight from the oven, over grandpa’s feet in the living room to get to the dining room – the magic of a family meal can be lost and a whole new level of stress can be added to the matriarch of the family’s day.

This goes for all family meals, whether on a Tuesday night after judo as it is for my family or just a regular Sunday roast.  Family life, regardless of the size of your family, lives in the kitchen, flows to the dining area and then on to the ‘soft seats’ in the lounge.  This is the ideal.

For this reason, the layout of Craigendarroch is absolutely perfect.  As you will see from the picture below, there is a definite flow to the living accommodation which is not present enough in family homes.

This house has enough space for mum and dad, or granny and grandpa to cook and for friends and children to sit and chat.  This makes the whole process of feeding the family a joy and brings everyone together.

Craigendarroch has this type of accommodation in spades and is simply effortless.  Having the space to move in a kitchen can give the owner of a property confidence to try new things in cooking and take pleasure from it by being included in the conversation with friends who come over for a cuppa or family with the latest news to talk over.

Not only does Craigendarroch have one of the best layouts but it also is situated in Kirkcudbright itself.

D26420 Craigendarroch, 2 Burnside Gardens

With stunning views of the estuary, good proximity to good schools and its own swimming pool and sports clubs, you really can have it all.  Families are the lifeblood of any town or city and for anyone seeking a move to somewhere with a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere but zest for life, then really you should not look much further than Kirkcudbright.



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